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General Civil Litigation

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Lilly Law Firm, PA has been a member of the Jonesboro community for more than 25 years. We know that legal problems surface for everyone from time to time. Whether it's a dispute with a neighbor, an argument with the insurance company or contractor or something else unexpected, our friendly, professional staff helps you find a resolution. The team at our general practice law firm collaborates to deliver cost-effective legal service and 24-hour availability so you can call whenever you need us.

Resolving breach of contract problems

Parties to a contract owe a duty of performance to each other. Whether the duty is lending money, paying money or providing a service, each side of a contract usually has a laundry list of duties and obligations owed to the other. The essence of a contract is the bargained-for exchange, i.e., both sides of a contract promise to give or do something in exchange for the other party's performance. In a perfect world, contracts always go smoothly, and all parties do exactly what they are supposed to do.

However, we don't live in a perfect world. Sometimes contract terms are ambiguous and sometimes parties simply fail to hold up their end of a bargain. Many times, the problem boils down to a miscommunication somewhere along the way. Regardless, Lilly Law Firm, PA helps you find a resolution. Over the years, we've learned that most contract problems and neighbor disputes can be solved with a little creative thinking and legal knowledge to seal the deal.

Going to court when negotiations fail

Lilly Law Firm, PA approaches every civil litigation matter with an eye toward finding a cost-effective solution without going to court. If that doesn't work, we file a complaint in court to begin moving your case through the civil justice system. We draft your complaint to include all of the aspects of your claim and request that the court order the other party to pay damages to you.

Once the complaint is filed, it is delivered to the other party, who then has a specific amount of time to respond. If he or she doesn't respond, then we ask the court to enter a judgment in your favor. If he or she does respond and denies a portion of the complaint, then the litigation begins in earnest. We use discovery tools to obtain information from the other party, including financial information that may be useful for collecting a judgment if the court awards a money judgment to you at the end of the litigation.

During each step of the way, Lilly Law Firm, PA manages your case as cost effectively as possible, saving you time and money on the way to resolving your legal problems.


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